What is Mobile Web?

A smartphone is a mobile phone that includes numerous functions such as accessing Internet, downloading and using apps, checking email, and incorporates elements such as GPS and camera, etc. Smartphone usage has blossomed since 2007 and they are now the dominant model on the market.

Why is Mobile Web Important

Mobile technology's success, has raised the stakes of mobile web. Latest figures show that 85% of people who possess a smartphone access Internet at least once a day from their phone. Mobile users want to be connected wherever and whenever.

Mobile Website vs. Desktop Website

The desktop website being the one you are used to using on your laptop or home desktop computer where you use a mouse to navigate around a larger page with a large video monitor.

What Makes a Good Mobile Site?

Mobile users don’t have the patience to scroll through a long list of options to find what they want. Reorganize your menu to use as few items as possible, without sacrificing usability.

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